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"We were approached by SchoolHire because we manage community lettings during the evenings and on weekends for a number of schools across the UK. We are continuously looking for ways to promote these spaces so listing our school facilities on SchoolHire appealed to us. It was simple to add the listings, the website is easy to use and the SchoolHire team are incredibly helpful. We received our first enquiry within 24 hours of going live. There has been a steady flow of interest and I'm pleased to report that the leads are solid. I would recommend SchoolHire to School Business Managers who are looking to unlock their School's lettings potential."

Chris Smith, Head of Kajima Community
"Joining SchoolHire is one of the best decisions you can make as a Venue Manager. After only having joined a few weeks ago, I am already seeing the positive impact it has on the amount of enquiries coming in. Not only is it affordable, it pays itself off within weeks of joining up. I never anticipated such a quick turnover in the amount of enquiries received. Building a profile is so easy and the team is there to help you with every step. I have had the pleasure of working with Danny and his guidance and positive attitude has really motivated me to use SchoolHire to its full potential"

Kat Lepik, Team Leader of Harris Academy Falconwood
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+How SchoolHire works

SchoolHire advertises facilities across the UK that are available for hire. Whether you are looking for a swimming pool for a birthday party, football pitch for your local team, classroom for your business or dance studio for your clients, SchoolHire will find you the facility you are seeking. The website was launched with the focus being on schools. After all, schools have excellent quality, clean facilities which can be benefitted from out of hours. However, we soon realised that there are so many other venues that have available facilities, such as leisure centres and universities. These venues (and many more) are now listing their facilities on SchoolHire.

Often, the process of how to rent out facilities is unknown or the way in which the facilities are being advertised is not done in a way that leads to optimal conversion.    Similarly, those looking for facilities for hire often don't know where to look for best results. SchoolHire makes this a thing of the past as we bring all of this together, on one site, making both listing facilities and searching for facilities that much quicker, easier and cost-effective.

For more information about who we are and how it works please read more.